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Ok so here goes: need a Nav System in my (new to me) 2010 Explorer. If interested, see my post in New Members for the why.

My homework to date on trying to install an OEM version is: CAN DO!
* But it can be expensive, messy and there are still some unanswered questions.

I currently have the premium sound system with 6 CD Changer / Radio / SYNC. And with the Nav system I would like to add a rear camera to help assist in those ‘do it yourself’ tow hook ups.

So I would need (I think):
1. Nav Unit for 2010 Explorer that has SYNC
2. Brick Kit – all the stuff to make the Nav unit work that is needed and normally factory installed
3. Rear Camera
4. Programing for the Nav unit so will work
5. Nav DVD
6. Hacking device to allow the rear camera since was not an option on the 2010 Explorer

For Nav unit there is the option of eBay or one of the 'refurbish' companies that deal with this. So far I have found two seemingly good companies that do the OEM thing:
* OEM Auto Parts Co at http://www.oemautopartsco.com/
* 4D Tech at http://www.4dtech.com/

They both offer ‘pre-programed’ Nav units along with Brick Kits and hacking units. I am leaning toward the 4D Tech. Current thinking as to why:
Overall cost: 4DTech comes in a few hundred less for the Nav with Brick Kit. And while neither is the OEM for the hacking units, OEMAuto has Lockpick and 4DTeck has the Canopener. I like the features of the Canopener better including (1) USB port for firm/software updates and (2) there is an option from them to provide the needed Nav Unit Programming via an emailed file that you then load into the Canopener > i.e. I could get a Nav unit from eBay and these guys would (I think) sell me the needed programing (not sure how much $ yet)

See Lockpick hacking device at https://www.coastaletech.com/
See CANopener hacking device at http://www.4dtech.com/canopener-for-09-12-ford-vehicles-hdd-nav-systems/

For the camera seems as if the Lockpick BARCAM221 V2 is the way to go at https://www.coastaletech.com/lockpickcameras.htm
This camera has both ‘night vision’ (i.e. lights) as well as Digital Distance Markers.

For the needed Nav DVD. Wow! There is so much chaos out there regarding these that is almost incomprehensible. Used fm eBay > will they work? New fm FLM > cost is crazy! Duplicates, Copies, Licensed or Not, Used, New and who the heck is NavTeq anyway? Seems like Risky Business regardless of which way you go.

So far - the simply too good to be true deal - is a "2015 Ford North America Navigation DVD 13P" for $44.99 (!!) from NaviDVD at http://navidvd.com/ford/35-2014-bmw-north-american-map-dvd-professional-2-disc-set.html While it does not list my 2010 Explorer, it does my 2007 Expedition and I sure can use and update for that! I have emailed them about the 2010 Explorer and asked how they are doing this for so cheap.
* Has anyone used these guys?

All told I am looking at almost $2k and a lot of effort to get in an OEM Nav Unit. And while I like the integrated look and feel of OEM, wow, two large and hassle of Nav DVD updates.

Seems like I could find an AfterMarket unit that would look nice, integrate well and have free lifetime map updates as well as traffic alerts, etc. Key for me on aftermarket is has to have a volume knob on the device as well as integrate with steering wheel controls and allow phone.

Questions to all you Explorers to help resolve my dilemma OEM or AM:
* Anyone actually done the full tilt OEM install with Brick Kit? Was it worth it and what companies did you use? Note: I could not find a whole lot of recent info in the forum on this.
* Anyone done a ‘fully integrated’ aftermarket job? Was it worth it and what brand / device did you use? Note: I have yet to start my homework on the AM devices so any tips of what to use or stay away from is appreciated.
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