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I'm the second owner of this truck. Had it for 5 years. The problem has been there since I got it but has only seemed to have gotten worse. Under load (at first only 4 low) I get a binding popping sound. At first I thought it might be a cv axle up front (felt like left) but it seems to appear off road on trails after a while. Now if I'm hard accelerating from a dead stop or low speed it can happen. Everyone who has trail ridden with me or ridden along has stated they think it sounds like it's in the transfer case. Seems to happen when front wheels engage. Happens some times in corners under light acceleration as well.

2007 ford explorer v8

Could this be a worn chain or coupler? I'm having trouble finding expanded diagrams of the bw4412(?) I think is in it.

Truck is lifted with oversized tires but the problem was there prior and all tires are same size. High milage. Any insight on where to start looking or what to replace would be nice
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