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2002 Mountaineer 4.6 with 4 speed auto 2wd 180,000 miles. Transmission was professionally rebuilt by a very reputable company in the Phoenix metro area. Tri City Transmission. $3300.00 full rebuild about 15 months and 15000 miles ago. It came with and is under warranty but the shop owner is an arrogant a-hole and says he has 85 cars in line and he may or may not call you for several days

Here is the problem
Come to a hard stop like at light turning yellow. The transmission goes dead for 5-10 seconds then, give it a little rev of the engine and it kicks back into drive.

6 weeks ago I had a trans. line fluid leak that they repaired (another $500.00) and 4 days. They said they checked the fluid and none is leaking so I am at a loss. If I take it to him, I can be left without transportation for who knows how long.
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