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Hi All-
Im a new member to the forum and wanted to first say HI!

I have a 1994 Explorer with 175,000 miles on it. About a week ago I was reversing my truck off of a steep incline. After, i was out I parked it and returned about an hour later. As I started to drive I noticed that 1st gear leading into 2nd and 2nd leading to 3rd was revving high and was having difficulty switching to the next gear. 1st was fine, it was 2nd & 3rd that was giving the problems. Once I would floor it through the gears and get up to 40mph it was fine. Highway was good, it was just the stop and go of the city is where I was noticing the issues. I never had any problems before other than a slight "flare up" at around 20-25mph that would sometimes rev up, but would be fine if I eased off the gas, then reapplied the gas.

So I had to drive about an hour to get back home. Once I got back, my girlfriend picked her purse off the passenger floor to get her house keys out. When she found her keys she noticed they were extremely hot! I lifted the rubber floor mat where her purse was and noticed the floor was VERY hot & soaked. It didnt really smell of anything particular and seemed to not have any color to it either? I decided to keep it parked and take public transportation the next dew days. After a couple days, I went back out and checked the fluid level and the tranny fluid was really low. So I walked to PEP boys and grabbed a quart and put it in. That got it back up to its normal level. So I decided to take a quick drive and see if it helped anything? It seemed a little better but it did still rev high in 2nd & 3rd and had to rev it up a little to push through the gear. I took only a quick 5 min drive and came back and parked it. I noticed that the passenger floor was wet again, but not hot. I was hoping that you all could offer some help or ideas to what may be going on? Ive been searching forums and talking to friends and the things Ive came across were: blown tranny or need to replace vacuum modulator or a shot intermediate band/s, or broken tranny line? I have a trusted family mechanic back home in upstate NY, but that's 3 1/2 hours away. And the place I want to take it to in the City is on summer vacation for another couple weeks. So I was trying to get some opinions from you guys to see if you had any insight into this.

Let me also say that I only paid $1600 for for this truck and definitely got my moneys worth in the 4years Ive owned it. But I still need a vehicle and want to know if I have a simple/ few hundred dollar fix or am I looking at a couple thousand $$ transmission rebuild? In which case I would probably junk it, as most people told me it will be putting good money into a bad thing...

Ive have pics of under the car and to show that there's definitely leaking by the tranny pan, not sure if they'll help at all? I should also state that I didn't get the tranny fluid changed for about 65k miles.. :( I know I know...

Thanks for any help in this matter! And let me know if I can provided any more helpful info.
Thanks again!


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