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Hello everyone
The transmission fluid gets out from the breather.
I noticed it when I was driving the car at the morning after changing the transmission oil and filter, when I realised the accelerator I noticed a smoke coming from the hood.

I went back to the mechanic and found the transmission fluid leaking from the breather hose.

We checked the oil level, it was OK.
Now the mechanic Inspect that the issue could be one of the following
1- overheat
2- The solenoid block
3- the transmission pump

I connected the OBD2 and monitored the transmission fluid temperature while driving for 30 minutes or more, the temperature was between 80c to 90c. Most of the time it was 86c 87c. The outside temperature was 30c.
So I think there is no overheat.

I also changed the solenoid block before 3 years ago because sometime the gear was moving very hard from N to R, but of course it didn't solve the issue.
So I also think it's not a solenoid block issue.

Checking the pump will be too expensive, and also I'm feeling that it might not be the issue because the mechanic keeps guessing.

Can anyone help me to diagnoses the issue and what's the possible causes?

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