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I'm two weeks into a 2019 Explorer Sport with 42k miles. Very well kept, mechanical inspection yielded a thumbs up, new tires, about 99% in love with it. I felt some vibration on the Interstate (60mph-85mph) and took it back. Rebalancing took a lot of the fight out of it, but the vibration is still there; just enough to be noticeable. Waiting for a call back from service and wading through online reviews & forums. Unfortunately, I've fallen onto a pile of owners who have experienced this over the years, different generations, different remedies (and most scary, some who never found a resolution).

Anyone here have a Gen 5 Explorer with slight vibration in the steering wheel, under your feet, the armrest? Anyone found the problem and fixed it? Any suggestions or a wish list of things to tell service to check or take a look at?
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