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i have apline type r 5x7 coaxials in back, and 5 1/4" round and 1" tweeter in front they built a custom bracket to fit them in but i originally wanted to mount the tweeter on the door or A pillar but this way install was free so i didnt argue.

the 5 1/4" rounds did sound better than the 5x7 on the wall in the show room and the salesman said they will sound better in my truck up front than an oval shaped speaker.

Too bad he was wrong, my rear speakers sound better than my front ones and can handle higher volume before distortion when compared to the front. Yes i know i could make them all sound better by adding a 4 channel amp, but i dont really want to spend $800 CDN on an amp right now. Before i got my sub (10" boston G2, and boston GT 20 amp) i had gone into the shop looking to amplify my speakers not add a sub, but it was the same money for either option and both made the speakers sound better. and i decided if i want to i can then add more power to them down the road.

OK, I have had some time to re-read your posts and have a few comments and suggestions for you.

1. How exactly do you know that your rear speakers sound better? From pretty much any position (even seat laying almost down) the rear speakers are almost un-audible.

2. I dont think a decent 4ch. amp (maybe not matching but still decent) can cost anywhere near $800 even including shipping...the shop is ripping you off on install big time....they have also done all the hardwork if you have a sub/aub amp installed....all you need now is a distro block and about three feet of wire as well as some RCA's to install a 4ch. amp.

3. Have you tried having a professional tune your system? maybe the jumpers on the crossovers are set up wrong or by chance the headunit just needs a few changes.


if it costs you more than $650 to have that amp shipped to canada....you need to move over here to America! add another $50 at the most for the stuff to install it and you are all set.
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