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I am often asked many question about our lowering kit and handling package. Here are a few answers.

What is the difference between the 2-door & 4-door kits?

The 95-00 Sport have a monoleaf (single leaf) rear suspension. They have spacer plates that can be swaped to the other side of the leaf spring for a .75"-1" drop. You can swap less plates for less of a drop. Since the Sport has bit of a sag at the rear, this spacer swap works well with a 1.5" front drop. This is why we do not use blocks on 95-00 Sports.

Why are the lowering kits/suspension kits more expensive for the 01-03 Sports?

In 2001 Ford went back to the multi-leaf spring at the rear. So we went back to putting lowering blocks on the Sports.

Why do our lowering kits cost more than the generic ones you find at parts stores?

We tried those kinf of lowering kits when we were developing our suspension package. We found that a 2" drop took out a bit too much travel at the rear for a smooth ride. So we went with a custom 1 3/4" block.

We also found that that the u-bolts were to long and to small. You must use a hammer to make them fit. We have special u-bolts made that fit perfectly. They are easier to install & they do not hang down too far. We also observed that the lowering blocks were made from cast aluminum in Tiawan. Ours are made from extruded billit aluminum to our specs by Chasis Tech here in the U.S. These type of block are proven to be stronger than the cast ones. We also found that the locating dowel is smaller and subject to movement once on the vehicle.

We were going quality and safety. It is expensive to have parts custom made, but we feel that the results are worth it.

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